Specify 7.8.4 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Specify 7.8.4 is not compatible with Specify 6.8.0; it requires databases to be updated to Specify 6.8.01 or higher. Instructions on changing the Specify 6 version that Specify 7 uses is available here.

7.8.4 (18 January 2023)


  • A new preference has been added allowing users to add children to synonymized parents as well as synonymizing nodes with children (#751InstructionsRequested by FWRI, CSIRO, AAFC, RBGE, Ville de Genève, and more)
  • Added a Specify crash report visualizer. The tool is mostly for internal use, but can be helpful for system administrators. See #2829 for more information


  • 500 error occurred messages have been replaced by useful error dialogs (#108, #2668Requested by many institutions) - Error responses from the backend have been improved dramatically for environments not using debug mode. Errors from MySQL, Django, and other back-end components will now be displayed outside of debug mode showing the ExceptionType, message, and StackTrace in a format that can assist on-site IT and collection administrators in discovering and solving configuration problems.
  • Introduced a new Specify favicon and icons for a variety of devices (#2752)
  • Small beauty improvements have been made, adding shadows and lighter borders to fields throughout Specify (#2773)
  • The Delete button has been moved to the Data Set Metadata menu in the WorkBench (#2755)
  • Languages that have incomplete localization can be selected after a warning for use in Specify (#2790)
  • When no attachment server is present, you can no longer attempt to upload files (#2585 - Reported by The University of Michigan)
  • Interactions table names are now dynamic (#2420Requested by RBGE)
  • Specify now ignores synonymized nodes when checking the tree structure (#2707 – Reported by The University of Michigan)


  • Queries exported to CSV now use the field label as a heading rather than the field’s string ID (#1575Reported by FWRI, CSIRO, RBGE, and many more)
  • Exporting a query on a record set now is scoped to the record set query results (#2761Reported by CSIRO)
  • The print icon now matches other button’s appearance in the GeoMap viewer (#2764)
  • Available collections are now only fetched once rather than twice (#2770)
  • Separator icons now display correctly on the forms (#2074)

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The full changelog is available on GitHub.

For source code go to the GitHub Specify 7 repository.

For more information about Specify 7, or about this release, see https://www.specifysoftware.org/products/specify-7/, or email support@specifysoftware.org.