UI error: SP7

When generating reports from a record set, you are given two buttons labeled “cancel.” The one on the left will actually generate the report while the one on the right is the real ‘cancel’ button.

Here is a preview of how the new Record Sets dialog will appear after choosing to run a Report or Label from a query:


Now the Query option allows you to run from a query or close the window. The report will only run if the query option is chosen or a record set is selected.

Here is another User Interface oddity I’ve noticed: Sometimes (I haven’t figured out the specific conditions) after editing a taxon in the taxon tree and saving, the taxon form doesn’t automatically close. When I try to close it, the background becomes dark and the ‘unsaved changes’ warning dialogue pops up. The dialog box doesn’t go away until you repeatedly click “Leave.” Each time you click, the background gets lighter and the string of numbers in the URL gets shorter until the dialog box finally goes away and brings you back to the tree.
See below: after 7 or 8 times clicking “leave” the background tree is starting to fade in to view. After a few more clicks, I’m returned to the tree, and yes, my changes were actually saved.

Note: I’m not sure if this is the correct place for items like these - is there a ‘bug reports’ or other section where I should put these things?

For issues such as this one, you should report them on our Specify 7 GitHub page so our developers can be notified of your issue!

Specify 7 GitHub Issues Page

It seems in that instance that a large number of dialogs appeared at once. In the next release, the way Trees and dialog windows are handled has changed significantly, so it is likely that this has already been resolved!

I submitted an issue on your behalf just now. You can see it on Github (Issue #1590). Let me know if you have any questions about this process or need some help!

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