Notifications tab not reactive anymore

Hi everyone, A user is reporting issues when creating a CSV list for downloading. Previous to v7.9.3 the user could perform the process with a notification being presented shortly after for download. After upgrading to V7.9.3 it seems we need to:

  1. Perform the task to create the CSV list
  2. Log out of Specify and back in
  3. Click on the notifications tab and download the CSV list

Any suggesting to what could be wrong?

Hi @wphillip,

I am unable to replicate this in v7.9.3.1. Have you been able to recreate the user’s issue?

Instead of logging out and back in, have you tried navigating elsewhere in Specify after starting the export? It’s possible that the CSV export is taking a while. Logging out and back in may have allowed it time to complete.


I updated our instance from v7.9.3 to v7.9.3.1 and was able to recreate the issue on my end.

  1. Log in as a user
  2. Click on Query > Run a query > Click on “Create CSV”
  3. Message pops up “Export File Being Created”
  4. I navigated to Attachments; Statistics and also run another query and the notifications tab did not update.
  5. By changing the Collection on the lower left hand side, causes the page to refresh, and the Notifications tab now reflects the Query exports are completed and ready to download.

I did wait a few minutes between running queries, but only when doing the above or signing out and back in, resulted in the Notifications tab being updated

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Hi @wphillip,

I believe I may have been able to recreate the issue, although inconsistently.
Can you share your Specify 7 System Information with me so I can try using the same browser and system configuration as you?

Thank you!