WorkBench Form Editing

Form Editing

Form Editing enables the Data Set rows to be displayed and edited row by row (record by record). Column headings are referred to as 'labels' in the Form view. Each label has an accompanying User Interface (UI) control (text field, text area, or check box) for entering data.

Values within a Data Set are easily manipulated using the icons in the work space Item Bar:

Record Number Control l< Go to the first record.
< Go to the previous record.
> Go to the next record.
>l Go to the last record.
Add a record.
RemoveRecord16x16 Delete a record.
Edit Form Properties EditProperties16x16 Allows the columns to be resized, moved and renamed. See Edit Form Properties.
Image Window Image-Window-A-16x16 Toggles the Image Window on and off.
Configure Carry Forward CarryForward20x20 Opens the 'Carry Forward' configuration dialog. See Carry Forward.
Grid View Grid Edit Displays the Data Set in a grid view (resembling a spreadsheet). Data Sets always open in this view.

The labels and UI controls can be moved and repositioned on the form by dragging and dropping.

UI controls can be activated by clicking in them, or using the tab key to navigate between them. The tab order is top-left to bottom-right by default.

Edit Form Properties

In addition to dragging and dropping the controls, several properties can also be manually updated. Activate either the column heading or UI control, then click the EditProperties16x16 (edit properties) button. The following dialog will appear:

form properties

Edit Form Properties

The text fields in the dialog are explained below:

X Sets the X coordinate of UI control.
Y Sets the Y coordinate of UI control.
Label Sets the label. This will change the original column heading in the Data Set Mapping.
Number of Rows Lists the number of rows the UI control will display. (Limit 25 rows)
Field Type

Text Field: limits the text area to one row.

Text Area: allows the text area to expand to more than one row and activates the Number of Rows field.

Field Length Refers to the length of the value box.
Help This button opens the Help window.
Apply Displays the change without saving it.
Cancel Cancels the changes that have been made in the dialog.

Carry Forward

Carry Forward enables the value in one or more labels to be 'carried forward', or copied to the next new row(s) of data. To select the label to be carried forward, click the CarryForward20x20 (carry forward) button. The following configuration window will open:

Carry Forward Configure Carry Forward

The values in the selected label(s) are 'carried forward' into new rows, (new rows are added by clicking the add button), until Carry Forward is reset.

Form Editing Examples

Delete a Record(s):

  1. Click the clear (delete) button

Add a Record(s):

  1. Click the add (add) button

Add a Record with Preset Values:

  1. Click the CarryForward20x20 button.
  2. Select the labels(fields) to be copied into the new row.
  3. Click the 'OK' button at the bottom of the Carry Forward window.
  4. Select the row to be copied into the new row.
  5. Click the add button.